Friday, May 11, 2007

auto forum poster

Description :

The current version can post to

1. phpBB Forum Boards from version 2.0.0 to 2.0.22
2. phpBB 3.0 "Olympus" Beta 5
3. Invision Power Board
4. Snitz Forums 2000
5. vBulletin 3

Forum Poster automatically register a user with the username, e-mail and password you typed on the board. It login as the registered user on the board and then post it. All made automatically. With just one click! (Please browse our demo boards for posting)

Forum Poster support add, edit, delete forums URL, Import and export forum URL list.

Forum boards are an effective way to drive traffic to your site. With your posted Ads you can bring hundreds of new visitors to your site and increase your search
engine rankings which counts on link popularity like Google.


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thanks but I'm not sure if this would work on my forum. I guess it's worth trying