Tuesday, December 25, 2007

CelSius Web Script ~ Cws | Fuction : If_null

This is CelSius WS project's website. CelSius is an open-source, web-optimized scripting language

SimplytheBest DHTML scripts only popup once cookie popup window script
Simply the Best DHTML scripts and javascripts: only popup once cookie javascript, popup window script.

UJML Script Syntax if (!_is_null(listener)) { // Assume success. result = true; // Check

Javascript Glossary - Null
JavaScript Glossary definition for: Null Definition: is a special value that all variables are considered to have if they have been defined but have not been assigned a value.

Cut & Paste JavaScripts-display number of times user has come to site.
No indicated in script. Description: The below script uses cookies to display the number of return null; } function SetCookie (name, value) { var argv = SetCookie.arguments;

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