Tuesday, December 25, 2007

PHP Labs - PHP Scripts and More [ Scripts - Super 8-Ball ]

PHP Labs offers a range of professionally developed PHP scripts to enhance your website. 44 PHP Scripts, One Super Low Price. Membership has its advantages! Become a platinum
Source: phplabs.com

php scripts - learn php programming and download original php scripts
Learn PHP Programming TDavid's PHP Diary updates: Using mktime and date function to skip dates and create simple calendar functions 5/10/03; How to parse
Source: www.php-scripts.com

PHP Breadcrumb Script Tutorial - Back Links
By: Nate Baldwin; For: PHP; This tutorial and script will use PHP to read where your page is in the site folder structure and build back links to the pages higher up in the
Source: www.mindpalette.com

PHP Scripts
PHP Scripts for developers and programmers both free and commercial. Formerly referred to as “Personal Home Page Tools,” PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source server
Source: www.scripts.com

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