Monday, December 24, 2007

PHP Breadcrumb Script Tutorial - Back Links
By: Nate Baldwin; For: PHP; This tutorial and script will use PHP to read where your page is in the site folder structure and build back links to the pages higher up in the

PHP: ActiveScript - Manual
ActiveScript. This section contains notes specific to the ActiveScript installation. ActiveScript is a Windows only SAPI that enables you to use PHP script in any

Snafu Comics, Updated Mondays
Jae created a mod for the Comic PHP script that allows integration with Live Journal to have a Live Journal Comic feed. That's super cool on 20 different levels.

PHP Community Script
Abledating 2.4—All-in-one dating & sommunity software Buy now and save 800$ * *If you purchase AbleDating TODAY , you get FREE: 1) YouTube Video

PHP: La syntaxe de base - Manual
Deux de ces balises, et , sont toujours disponibles. Les deux autres sont les balises courtes et les balises du style ASP , et :: Free PHP Script, Free ASP Script, Free CGI is an Internet directory that compiles and distributes Web programming-related resources, geared toward webmasters, developers and programmers looking for

PHP Form Mail Script -
With this PHP formmailer script you are able to put a contact form on your website. Both HTML layout and e-mail layout are fully customizable by templates. FormHandler PHP-script (mailscript)
The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications The FormHandler PHP Mailscript makes it possible to handle any information received

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