Sunday, December 30, 2007

php script modification - ScriptLance Programming Project

i have a php script based on datagrid at the php script is an admin panel content management that stores text articles and provides RSS feeds to

Free FormMail PHP script
Sends the results of HTML forms via email. Many options available including CVS database support, logging, and pre-processing support (e.g. encryption). [Freeware]

PHP Developer Center - Yahoo! Developer Network
Welcome to the PHP Developer Center. From simple scripts to enterprise-class web applications, PHP is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

AUCTION SCRIPT PHP Auction Script Software - Softbiz
Softbiz PHP Auction SCRIPT from softbiz offers far more features Compared to other Auction Script Software

php scripts - learn php programming and download original php scripts
Learn PHP Programming TDavid's PHP Diary updates: Using mktime and date function to skip dates and create simple calendar functions 5/10/03; How to parse

Bug #12310 $SCRIPT_FILENAME: Submitted: 22 Jul 2001 6:06pm UTC: Modified: 22 Jul 2001 9:49pm UTC: From: michael at frifra dot de: Assigned to: Status: Bogus: Category: Variables

AutoIndex PHP Script (Website Directory Indexer)
Creates a list of the files in a directory on a website, and lets you browse/download them in Windows Explorer-like way. [Open source, GPL]

php script that creates the permissions for the user |
Hello All, I need a php script that will create permissions for the user.Though we have all the access controls in drupal.I still need more than that.I'm new to php,it would be

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