Monday, December 24, 2007

PHP Script Needed - ScriptLance Programming Project

I need an avatar and shop script for phpbb plus Details in attachment. When you code it be sure to add comments, and to create a mod installion guide for me

Php Script - TeamSpeak Community Forums
Php Script 3rd Party Applications / Scripts Hello Webpost script is a bit to MUCH for that what I need I just want to write a script that i put on my Homepage server and which

Dynamic PHP Menu Script
Free PHP menu script that determines the current page and changes the menu to gray out and make an inactive grey link. All with PHP - no javascript.

php script in my joomla site
php script in my joomla site i have installed a php script in my joomla site. the only problem is when i press the submit button the only results are showing up. i want the

PHP Scripts | Free Php Scripts | Php Scripts Index
A directory of free PHP scripts such as forums, photo galleries, CMS, and e-commerce solutions. Each script has demo so it can be tested prior to downloading.

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