Thursday, December 27, 2007

Second Life | Scripting Official website. Second Life

Second Life | Scripting
Official website. Second Life is a 3D virtual world where uses can socialize, ... Land Pricing & Use Fees. FAQs. Scripting. Linden Script Language (or LSL) ...

Terragen_ Script File Specification
A script file is simply a text file containing a sequence of commands that ... Windows only works correctly with script files that have Windows/DOS line endings. ...

Scripting: Your First Steps
Learn the very basics to get started in system administration scripting. ... Why would I want to script? ... how to find the Script Center, but since you've ...

Offers over 2500 free javascripts. Source code to cut and paste.
Source: "script delimiters": Key Phrase page
Key Phrase page for script delimiters: Books containing the phrase script delimiters ... data posted using, script delimiters, server behavior, multiline ...

Script - lslWiki
... the source code that makes up a script, if the user has permission to view it, ... Each script can have permissions independent of the permissions of an ...

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