Thursday, December 27, 2007

SimplytheBest DHTML scripts only popup once cookie popup window script

Simply the Best DHTML scripts and javascripts: only popup once cookie javascript, popup window script.

NULL vs. undefined vs. "" [Archive] - Forums
Archive] NULL vs. undefined vs. "" ActionScript 2.0 when dealing with these 3 things,( NULL vs. undefined vs. "" )they are very similar.

ASC-2607] Assigning null to a primitive (uint) leaves a blank for
Script> Actual Results: C:\tmp\newfh\compilemsg.mxml(30)

Anti-Disabler –
I replaced the contents of the script with: var e, i, all; if (document.attributes != null) { document.onmouseup = null; document.onmousedown = null;

Null - This website doesn't exist!
The Null Manga Club project: Written in 2007-12-18 01:56:45 by Protected (Don't forget to Coco Plenty of scripts are coming in, but unfortunately we don't have a dedicated editor on
Source: - Christopher Null, Script Consultant
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If Len(Trim(Alert.AlertHistoryComment)) = 0 Then Alert.AlertHistoryComment = Null. If Len(Trim(Alert.CustomField1)) = 0 Then Alert.CustomField1 = Null

Null)" Appears Instead of the Script Name in the History of a Script
When you view the history of an alert that is generated when a script runs (for example, for a timed event), you may see the text "(null)" instead of the script name. The

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