Friday, December 28, 2007

:: Web Page Password Protect :: Free PHP

:: Web Page Password Protect :: Free PHP Scripts
Password protect your web pages by just adding one line of PHP code. ... would a web page point to the PHP script when its location is basically a URL, ...

CGI Scripts - PHP Scripts - Web Development - MR CGI Guy
CGI scripts, PHP scripts, and full service web develpment. ... I needed a script to base my freebies site on and decided to try Hot Links SQL. ...

PHP Classes Repository
Freely available programming classes of objects written with the web scripting language named PHP. ... PHP Classes - PHP Class Scripts. PHP Book Reviews ...

PHP Developer Center - Yahoo! Developer Network
From simple scripts to enterprise-class web applications, PHP is one of the most ... Some can also return JSON and Serialized PHP. ...

What is PHP?
PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. ... Because PHP scripts sit inside HTML documents, you don't need a special editor ...

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